During our first meeting, we will identify your needs and wishes and we will try to discover your personal style.

Based on the information we have gathered, we will create a moodboard. A moodboard is an atmospheric collage of pictures, colours and materials

expressing your personal style.  It is very important as it will form the basis of the interior plan.

floorplan and layout

Then we can continue with the flooorplan and the layout of the space (2D/ 3D).


The following step is the colour and material plan, where we suggest colours and materials to be used in the space (walls, floor, carpets, curtains )         


At this point, we propose the appropriate furniture and accessories for your space. We can also make a shopping list with specific products and prices.


Last but not least, with the lighting plan we ensure that the space is sufficiently and appropriately lit, and we propose specific light sources. Lighting is not only functional, but also instrumental for a nice atmposphere.

“An empty room is a story waiting to happen and you are the author.”