Lego bricks were my favourite toys as a kid. Homeware stores have always been my favourite destination when going shopping. Decoration magazines are the only magazines I can recall myself flipping through frantically since my early teens. In general, I have always had a passion for whatever has to do with “home”.


However, I chose to study translation and then work as an English teacher. It was my love for foreign languages and kids that urged me to do so. But, I never stopped being mad about decoration. I experimented with my own home for hours and hours, the piles of magazines were getting higher and more and more friends asked me to help them decorate their house. That was making me creative and happy.


After renovating my holiday house in Greece, I realized that designing and decorating special interiors is made for me.  It was then that I decided to receive the relevant training and start doing what I love. Having travelled in several countries around the world and lived in Greece, France and Italy has certainly been a source of inspiration for me. Thus, moving to the Netherlands was the right moment to make my dream come true. They say that you cannot fail as long as you do what you love. And I totally agree!

Do you like my work and aesthetic? Then, contact me and I will help you make your space Cosy & Chic!


Xenia Adamopoulou​

   “I will make everything around me beautiful,

    and that will be my life.”


    Elsie De Wolfe